Monday, December 10, 2018
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Essential Oils Usage and Dosages

Essential oils are defined as a group of volatile aromatic liquids or semi-solid liquids containing true plant essences. All of our essential oils are “uncut” and 100% pure. They contain no alcohol, extenders, or harmful chemicals. They are absolutely pure and of the highest quality. Because these oils are concentrated, a little bit goes a long way. Always use an eyedropper for proper amount.

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  • 8 drops in bath blended with an carrier oil put into running bath water (with exception to certain Essential oils that should not be used in bath water such as basil, cinnamon, clove, peppermint, & thyme due to burning the skin.)
  • 2 drops on shower floor and inhale vapors.
  • 3 drops per in Jacuzzi.
  • 2 drops in 1 pint of water in sauna.
  • 1 drop on tissue or handkerchief and just inhale.
  • 1-2 drops in a bowl of hot water and inhale vapors.
  • 1-6 drops in diffuser with bowl and heated with candle or electric diffuser.
  • 1-9 drops on a cotton ball, lodged either on the radiator or by the pipe- in contact with the heat.
  • 1-9 added to humidifier water.
  • 1-3 drops on cotton or a piece of material tucked into a pillow case.
  • 10- 15 drops per 1.7 oz of lotions and creams.