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Getting the Most out of Aromatherapy

Essential oils are defined as a group of volatile aromatic liquids or semi-solid liquids containing true plant essences. All of our essential oils are “uncut” and 100% pure. They contain no alcohol, extenders, or harmful chemicals. They are absolutely pure and of the highest quality. Because these oils are concentrated, a little bit goes a long way. Always use an eyedropper for proper amount.

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Benefits from aromatherapy has existed for thousands of years. People use aromatherapy to cope with stress, psychological problems, or as a cure for pain and diseases. It is important to know everyone is different. What works for one may not work for the other person. Aromatherapy is often used to help out in areas of fear, anxiety, stress, the immune system, the respiratory system, energy, digestive system, skin blemishes, cuts, arthritis, and other pains.

In order to obtain the best results from aromatherapy it is often wise to combine the use of essential oils with one or more of these other methods. In addition, their effect will be optimized through applying them in two or three different ways- in the bath, using bath salts, bubble bath, bath gels, liquid or bar soaps, through aromatherapy massage, using a carrier oil such as jojoba, and through the application of aromatic lotions to the wrist, neck, and temples.

Bath Salts: We use 100% Dead Sea Salt in our bath salts along with Epsom salt for added softness to your skin. Your body benefits from a bath salt soaks by detoxifying your body and relaxing your mind. You only need 15 minutes to benefit yourself. Take the time for yourself and de-stress your mind. Stress is the number one complaint in the world so take the time and soak. With our salts you may add a few drops of any scent from our fragrance list under running bath water, but the true benefits are from the essential oils. Lavender is our number one, but you may try many others. *except cinnamon, clove, ginger which are warming oils and add to much heat to the skin.

Jojoba Oil is an oil used for many application. Jojoba has an indefinite shelf life and needs no refrigeration, unlike the others. Jojoba is gentle enough for infants, such as cradle cap conditioner. Jojoba is gentle enough to use on your face to cleanse and take off makeup. It literally dissolves the dirt out of your pores. It conditions and moisturizers at the same time. It is used for extreme chapped dry and cracked hands, heals, and body. It is widely used for massage therapy. It blends well with any of our essential oils that we carry on our list.

Bubble Bath can be scented with any of our fragrances from the list. For aromatherapy benefits use essential oils. Give our big luxurious bubbles a try. Feel like a queen, while soaking, relaxing, and benefiting from the aroma, especially from essential oils.

Try Eucalyptus for sinus colds or allergies, Lavender or Stress for exhausting endless days.

Bath Gels can be scented with any of our fragrances from the list. For aromatherapy benefits use essential oils. Wash your body or hair with our European style bath gel. It cleanses, as well as, it softens your skin. Showering before bed? Try Lavender or Mandarin for a relaxing and restful night sleep. Can’t seem to wake up? Try Fatigue for a wake you up scent.

Liquid Soap is 100% natural glycerin soap. There is no sulfates or detergents in our liquid soap, making this a natural and very gentle cleanser. You may scent this with any of our fragrance oils. Try using essential oils to get the aromatherapy benefits. Try Tea Tree or Eucalyptus for antibacterial, anti fungal, and anti infectious soap naturally. Keep near the kitchen sink for quick hand washing.

Body Lotion is blended with aloe vera making this extra moisturizing. Because it is light, your body absorbs it quickly, leaving your skin soft, smooth and silky feeling. Our lotion can be scented with any of our fragrance oils or essential oils. Try using essential oils to reap the benefits from aromatherapy.

Such as Lavender before bed or for headaches, Stress Relief at your desk in the office, Happy Feet for those aching tired feet, or Patchouli for eczema or mature skin.