Suggested Uses For Our Oils

  1. Use as perfume.

  2. Put on lamp rings.

  3. Refresh potpourri, sachets, scented products and aromatic potteries.

  4. Add to bath water, shampoos, skin creams, and lotions.

  5. Pour in some vacuum cleaner bags.

  6. Use to scent your car.

  7. Place in musty areas to refresh.

  8. Put on air conditioning filters.

  9. Put on sock in dryer when drying sheets and linens.

  10. Mix with water when mopping floors.

  11. Put on melting-type wax candles.

  12. Put on heater vents.

  13. Put on humidifier.

  14. Add a drop to your stationery.

  15. Put in linen closets and many, many more uses.


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