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For over the past decade, Scentastics has designed, formulated and blended the highest-quality, fully-concentrated fragrance oils available anywhere in the United States. We do not cut our oils or add any base oils. Our essential oils are 100% pure and are imported from all around the world (no middle man). Our blended perfume and cologne oils are 3x longer lasting than the alcohol-based versions, smell more refined and are much more convenient to travel with and have with you at all times.

In 2000 our company, Scentastics 2, LLC was started to assist in the handling of ever increasing sales and distribution growth, along with the development of new home, body and aromatherapy products.

Offering hundreds of "Right On" Fragrance oils, Women's perfume oil and Men's cologne oil which are produced without adding any carrier oil or harsh chemicals. Our Essentials oils are all 100% pure and organic. No other fragrance company can offer this quality of oil at our economical prices. 

natural ingredients in our Soaps & Bath and Beauty products, where no detergents or chemicals are added. Making us the only company which uses their own oils to scent their own line of products. (Other companies can't afford to use our oils to make their product, so they use cheap, lower-grade oils meant to make candles and potpourri with--not the kind of oil you want to use directly on your body!)

Come in and shop on with us or if you choose, take a look at our shows and events calendar and stop by and see our products exhibited at numerous craft shows or fairs throughout New England. Try for yourself what the high quality of Scentastics 2 products can do to enhance the everyday quality of life for you as well as family and friends. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments that you might have, and always remember: we pride ourselves on quality, service and commitment.

Jim & Tanya

Scentastics 2 LLC
Franklin NH 03235


Scentastics 2 LLC

 Franklin, NH 03235, USA

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