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Welcome to Scentastics 2, LLC; your source for the highest quality essential oils and fragrance oils on the market. Browse our aromatherpy products and informative aromatherapy articles; we are positive that you will cherish all that we provide. Happy reading and happy buying!

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Purple Swirl Fragrance Oil Diffuser Night Light

Purple Swirl Fragrance Oil Diffuser Night Light

This awesome hand painted glass night light plug in aroma lamp comes with a dimmer switch to control the light and heat intensity of the light bulb. Just add a little water and a few drops of your favorite Scentastics 2 fragrance oil into the top dish.


Incense Sticks 100 pk

Incense Sticks 100 pk

11" Premium Double Dipped for long burning, lingering scent, colored incense sticks. 100 sticks, same scent.


Shea Butter & Goats Milk Bar Soap

Shea Butter & Goats Milk Bar Soap

Scentastics' Shea Butter Soap are made from high-quality ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Palm oil, Castor oil, Safflower oil and Pure Shea Butter.


Fragrance Oils

Fragrance Oils

Our extensive line of fragrance oils are the most concentrated, there is no carrier oils or harsh chemicals.


Blue Crystal Ball Night Light Oil Diffuser
Women's Perfume Oil
2.5" pipette
Purple Crystal Tower Touch Base Lamp
Incense Sticks 20 pk
Fruit Basket Basic Scented Oil Night Light
Orange Incense Burning Vase
Wooden 24 Bottle Display
Red Swirl Fragrance Oil Diffuser Night Light
Beach Basic Scented Oil Night Light
Glass Ball Oil Diffuser Night Light
Fuchsia Incense Burning Vase
Black Metal Swirl Night Light
Green Swirl Fragrance Oil Diffuser Night Light
Orange Vines Oil Diffuser Night Light
Shea Butter & Goats Milk Bar Soap

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Highest in Quality and Popularity

For more than two decades, Scentastics has been producing the highest-quality home and body fragrance oils in the country. Shop online, or view our monthly show calendar and pay us a visit in person at one of our numerous craft shows and fairs throughout New England. See what a quality fragranced product line of this caliber can do for you and your friends.

Fragrance Oils

Scentastics 2 offers hundreds of "Right On" fragrance oils, women's perfume oil, and men's cologne oil. Our fragrance oils are produced without adding any carrier oil or harsh chemicals. Our essentials oils are all 100% pure and organic.

No other fragrance company can offer this quality of oil at our economical prices.

Soaps, Bath and Beauty Products

We use all-natural ingredients in our soaps and our bath and beauty products; no detergents or chemicals are added. Our competitors use cheap, lower-grade oils, which are NOT the kind of oils you want to use directly on your body. We are one of the few who use our own oils to scent our products.

Incense Sticks

Our 75 plus flavors, of all-natural incense sticks are dipped twice in our rich oils and burn a clean, white smoke. Scentastics produces the longest burning incense stick in the industry... 40-50 minutes with each stick! Give them a try and you won't be disappointed.